Sunday, 6 April 2014

white nappa

Sunglasses - Market   /   Top - Garage (here)   /   Cardigan - American Apparel   /   Jeans - Topshop (here)   /   Ring - H&M   /   Sandals - Linzi Shoes (here)
Fingernails - Essie "No Place like Chrome"   /   Toenails - Essie "Wicked"

Long time no post!  Things have been crazy lately and I'm also working on a number of other projects at the minute, so unfortunately my blog has been put on the back burner.  Although there is no end to this hectic time in sight, I'm going to try and be more consistent with posts, and am aiming for around two per week.

Anyways, I've been dreaming of these white chunky sandals for months now, and so when Linzi Shoes so kindly offered to send me something from their shop, I of course headed straight for these babies, called "Kristan" in "White Nappa".  They arrived in less than a week and are absolutely perfect!  They are very sturdy and lightweight, and I cannot wait until it's warm enough to wear them.  As far as sizing goes, I would say that they are very true.  I am a size 8 1/2 in most US shoes, which converts to a 6 1/2 UK.  I ordered a 6 as they don't carry half sizes, and it while my foot definitely fills the whole space, they still fit.  I think this is down to the adjustable Velcro straps along the toe and ankle.  I was very impressed with Linzi's selection, pricing, quality, and customer service.  They carry a lot of nice boots as well, including a few different variations on the cult-favourite Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane.

And with that being said, can spring just come already????  I'm getting mildly impatient.

*These shoes were kindly sent to me by Linzi Shoes, however I picked them out myself and generated my own opinion and thoughts on them and their company.  They did not ask me to say anything specifically and I am not being paid for this!  Just thought I would help you guys out by sharing my honest thoughts. x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

what i wore: winter 13/14

  I've always loved the annual outfit retrospective posts that some of my favourite bloggers do each New Year's, and have wanted to do one myself for a while now.  But since it isn't January 1st, or frankly anywhere near that, I decided to change it up and do a seasonal retrospective.  After all, March 21st came and went, and even though it may not feel like spring is here in Canada yet, according to the calendar, it is.  I've dug through all of my winter outfit posts from this year, and complied them below for you!  I love seeing how not only my style, but photo taking abilities, have changed over time.  I'm quite proud!  Let me know which are your favourite looks. xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

avenue montaigne

Pink Coat - Topshop   |   Striped Tee - H&M (here)   |   Mom Jeans - Topshop (review)   |   Shoes - Converse   |   Rings - H&M   |   Nails - Essie "Wicked" (review)

There's something so obviously Parisian about a breton striped tee, and perhaps that is what drew me to this one that I hauled recently from H&M.  Naturally, I wanted to pair it my pink coat, but instead of taking the expected, safe black-riding-pants-and-ankle-boots route, I decided to dress it down a bit more.  As always, mom jeans were the immediate answer, and in my desperation for warmer weather, I added my Converse All Stars.  Maybe if spring sees how eager I am for it to come, it will decide to???  (Note that I'm also embracing SS14 with little to no make-up on - just a slather of BB cream and concealer, filled in brows, and light mascara. Maybe eyeliner?  I can't remember, to be honest.)

Hope you like this, and don't forget to come subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I have nearly reached 1000 subcribers! (Woooo, thanks!) 

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Friday, 21 March 2014

week in instagrams #4

Thursday: Promoting my outfit post, "Vamplify." 
Friday: Uploaded an "About Me" video to YouTube, as per your requests.  
Saturday: Day out shopping with my sunnies from Costa Rica + Mango wallet + Essie "Wicked" nails.
Sunday: Showing you Saturday's damage done.  I also filmed a haul with these items, here.  
Monday: Typical OOTD - rocking Mom Jeans and a Turtleneck as per usual.

Monday: Missing my jungle view. More pics in my Costa Rica travel diary.
Wednesay: Working diligently and uploading my "March Haul" video, which you should really watch...
Thursday: Major clothing rail appreciation.  So schematic.
Friday: Find out what was in my Topshop package, here.  
Friday: Accessories from Topshop (rings) and ASOS (watch - review here). 

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

video: march fashion haul

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things as far as producing both blog and video content, as you may have noticed with my recent "About Me" video.  I actually have many more followers on YouTube than on any other platform, so it's important to me to keep my audience satisfied, and I'm trying to get better at being a bit more consistent, whilst remaining true to myself and committed to the best quality possible.  One type of video that I never fail to enjoy making however, are Haul videos, because a) I'm a shopaholic and b) they are my favourite type of videos to watch.  Since I've been to H&M and Topshop recently, and have accumulated a number of new obsessions as well as eradicated the contents of my wallet, I leaped at the chance to do this video.  Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe as I am near 1000 subscribers.
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